Monday, 21 January 2008

H&M Denim

I'm loving H&M at the moment! I was browsing (again :D) the other day, and noticed that they have loads of long sleeve dresses, cardigans and smock tops on sale (like in pic 1).

They've also got several denim smock tops and dresses, like the ones pictured here. But I'm not totally convinced by these. What do you think?

I also noticed that hijabis love H&M. I saw 5 in the space of half an hour!


ammena said...

lol, yeh H&M rocks for hijabis masha'allah... i bought a denim dress in the sales the other day and i love it.. also bought a nice womens only dress so insha'allah Ill be able to use it soon.

ammena said...

hmm.. just looking at the other pictures in that snapshot on H&M site.. i love the outfit 15/22 and the dress from 18/22 can u imagine the first with a shite shirt underneath.. oooh funky

Hayah said...

Oooh Ammena I like your style ;) I love that dress in 18/22 as well! If only it had longer sleeves it would be perfect!


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