Monday, 7 January 2008

Afifah @ The Hijab Shop

The Hijab Shop have launched their new clothing range - Afifah! Items include tunic tops, wide leg trousers and maxi skirts, with more to come in March 2008 inshallah! They are currently holding a special launch offer with 25% off all items. Skirts and trousers are £18 and tops only £15!! Grab yourselves a bargain today:


ammena said...

nice, masha'allah.. thanks for sharing sis

Hayah said...

You're welcome! It looks promising inshallah!

Hana said...

Very cute, I actually purchased a couple items. :) I love them, it's a great line.

Hayah said...


Do the clothes fit well?

leena said...

hmm size 14 xxl OMG so not wearable 4 most of the uk then

Anonymous said...

i bought a top from afifah a few months ago.. it was a pink crinkle top. i love it!
it fits well and looks really nice.

excellent clothing line :)


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