Friday, 21 December 2007

Sales Shopping

Many shops will be starting their end-of-season sales on Boxing Day. Read on for my top tips for successful sales shopping:

1. Plan ahead - Look through your clothes and make a list of items you need. Don't forget basics such as socks, tights, underwear and sleepwear!

2. Sales are a good time to invest in special occasion outfits, e.g. a formal suit, party dress or items such as leather boots and bags.

3. Visit shops or websites before hand, and that way you'll know exactly which items you're going to buy.

4. Go in with a budget - and stick to it!

5. Don't be tempted to buy something just because it's cheap. Think about whether you will actually wear it more than once - if not, leave it on the rack!

Happy sales shopping!


kellyjaz said...

You could add more tips lol

I like your blog, I think the idea of it is really good.

- Kellyjaz from

Hayah said...

Thanks! Inshallah I'll try to add more tips soon!


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