Wednesday, 26 December 2007

More Sale Finds


ammena said...

salam, ooh I love that brown skirt sis.. where is this sale?? ooh pick me up one :) ship it over :P

Hayah said...

Hehehe sure thing! If you click on the picture, you'll be taken to another page which shows all the items and their links on the right hand side. That skirt is from Mango. I've just browsed loads of stores and picked out a few hijabi-friendly pieces :)

ammena said...

:( yeh I found out after really looking into the blog sorry sis. For some reason I cant get to the skirt with the link :( I really want it... do I sound like a baby now? heehe. Shukran.

Hayah said...

lol no you don't sound like a baby sis. The problem with Mango's website is that it doesn't have links to individual products, only the home page!

So if you click on, you can then choose whatever country you're in, then go to the skirts section and just look for it. Annoying I know :(


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