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Alhamdulilah, Hijab Style has been receiving around 50-60 visitors each day according to Site Meter! I’m also glad to be able to reach people from all over the world too – Australia, Holland, Pakistan, Romania, Malaysia and many others have been visiting! But I do have one request – please leave your feedback! That way I will know which posts my readers find useful, and what I can improve on. You can do this easily by clicking on the ‘comments’ link at the end of each post. Comments can be left anonymously if you wish.

Thanks for visiting, don’t forget to add this page to your favourites, as I update daily, and I hope you enjoy my posts!


Sarah said...

salam to you..i'm a visitor from Malaysia (but currently residing in Russia) and i find your blog very very helpful..i don't wear the hijab but i do want to in the very near future.

i know that wearing hijab is wajib and i'm really excited about my decision to be a better muslimah but at the same time i feel very scared. i don't have many muslim friends here and i don't know how my friends will react if they see me with a hijab.

Hayah said...

Salam Sarah!

I'm glad you find my blog useful! Mashallah it's great that you are considering the hijab :D

Here is a very good article about hijab for beginners:

The important thing to remember is that we are wearing hijab to please Allah (swt). I think it's a really easy way to do good deeds. Everytime someone sees you with hijab, they will be reminded of Islam, and inshallah you will represent our religion beautifully :)

As for your friends, have you told them that you want to wear it? Introduce them to the idea, so that when you do wear it they won't be surprised. Maybe invite a couple of Muslim friends to your house and try out different hijabs together? Maybe this will even encourage them to wear it too!

Keep me updated on how things go!!

MrsThursday said...

salaam haya. i jsut wanna say that i love ur blog! i followed a link frm facebook (group: hijab, its all good in the hood) and i've been coming back ever since. i love the fashion ideas u post on here, remindin us all that we can look nice whilst wearing hijab and pleasing Allah (swt).
i'm a convert of about 5 yrs but have only been wearing hijab for just over a year. it was tough, and i wish i could have discovered ur blog whilst i was making my decision.
thanx for all the great links so that as muslimahs, we can widen our knowledge.
you are doing a beautiful thing with ur blog and may u be rewarded for ur deen! inshallah.
keep up the excellent work x

NUR AIN said...

Hello! I am so glad i found your blog...Im from malaysia..and shud you know , we malaysian have very limited way of wearing, there are not many malaysian site showing how to wear one that suit with malaysians culture..
thus, i am starting a website to focus on malaysian muslim girls on wearing trendy and stylish hijab.. Thanks to i know i sud do that too....

Anonymous said...

Hi from the Philippines!
I like the li'l hijab how-tos.

Nora said...

Asalam Alakium! Hi Hayah! I read your blog daily and enjoy every bit of fashion advice. I recently started my own Muslim Clothing online shop and wanted to let you as well as every Muslimah on here where to find it and help support me and my friend. It is You inspired the name Hayah! Thank you :)


Anonymous said...

Salam there and hello from Canada!

I am just wondering whether some of these tops are kinda tight over the behind? A few Christian ppl had asked me when they see that here whether that was, in fact, proper hijab? They thought it seemed to defeat the purpose - so its clear that alot of non Muslims are noticing the tight clothing and covered head phenomenon. Whats your take on this? What about tight jeans over the thigh area? To me, it looks real weird. I miss the UK (born and raised there) and the fashion (Canadians have no idea about much, besides music) so your site was an interesting find!

Hayah said...


I'm glad to hear you're enjoying my blog! Many thanks for your sweet comments.

Nur Ain,

Wow I'm happy to hear I inspired you! Can't wait to see your blog!


Yay I'm glad I inspired you too! I'll have a look at the site soon. Inshallah it will prosper!


Most of the clothes I feature should not be tight, but that does depend on each individual, as we all come in different shapes and sizes. It's always best to try the clothes on before you buy, just to make sure.

Of course we should not be wearing tight or revealing clothing with a scarf on our heads! Inshallah if you explain to these people that what those girls are doing is not correct, they'll understand.

Nadia said...

Salaams Sister,

Mashallah this site is fantastic!!
I am a new-hijabi so am still not familiar with all the different ways I can wrap my hijab. I am so unimaginative when it comes to fashion so your talents are serving me well.
Your doing a fab job, please don't ever stop! The days I feel a little weak in my hijab feeling unattractive I come to this site and it reminds me the hijab is beautiful.
Thanks Sister x x x

n.i. said...

Assalamualaikum Hayah...

I stumbled upon your blog accidently but I find it really useful... never thought there are so many sites on hijab on the net... how ignorant i am...

btw, i am a malaysian... i used to be a hijab model here... i have appeared in some local magazines... i have just started blogging but i am yet to start blogging on hijab... u inspired me though... :-)

i am not that fashion adventurous... considering the fact that i'm 32 years old and a mother of 2 boys... i usually go out in a pair of boot leg jeans and a tunic (or anything loose that covers my butt)... only recently in malaysia can we find many nice fashionable tunics (since the whole world is into tunics)...

i will your blog to mine (if u permit)...


n.i. said...

sorry, i will link your blog to mine (if you permit)

Hayah said...


Thanks! Congratulations on wearing the hijab! The hijab is ALWAYS beautiful, as long as it's done to please Allah (swt). Keep strong!


Wow a real hijabi model! Do you think you could send me some of your pictures to post here? And yes of course you may link to my blog :)

p.s. a hijabi can never have enough tunics :D

n.i. said...

dear hayah,

the photos i have are quite outdated... it has been quite a while since i last model for a photo shoot... but i'll see what i can do...

thankx for allowing me to link to your blog :-)

n.i. said...


Just to let u know that I have copied and pasted the photo of the 3 girls featured in one of your postings from a Danish magazine on my blog & also facebook... + i have linked your blog to mine :-)

z. n. said...

Salaams :) I've lived in the US all of my life and have never experienced the cold, luckily, however, over my break i will be going to an extremely cold country and i have no idea how to dress..can you give me some tips on how to look cute and still be warm? thank you so much. and keep up the good work, i love this blog!

Hira said...

Salam Hayah!

I really am liking your blog! I truly loved the dresses, some of them are just pure beautiful! Even though I don't wear the hijab myself (I have several reasons for it), I haven't seen that many sites catering to Muslim women the way yours is doing. So keep up the good work! And I definitely am gonna come back later to check more of your posts.

Hayah said...

Thanks for the link n.i.!

z.n. I've done that post for you, hope you like it!


Thanks for visiting. Hopefully you can still take ideas for modest dressing from the outfits I post. Visit again soon!

ad said...

im so glad i found your website. ive been wondering for a while if there are any hijabfashion blogs out there. Im from Pakistan and have been wearing hijab for eight years alhumdulillah. I dont wear a lot of western clothes but will be going to university soon inshallah so your website is perfect for some great ideas.
keep up the good work!

Aisha said...

Asalamualaikum sister,

MashAllah I absolutely ADORE this blog and I thank the day that I typed in Hijab styles in google and found this wonderful blog. First when I started searching around your blog I thought you would be situated in America but then realised that is for the U.K sisters MashAllah. You always see the American sisters making a real effort in Hijabi related things, so it is really refreshing for a sister in the U.K to helping out other girls.

One thing, please could you add more summer outfits as it is really difficult for a muslimah to find something which is trendy but will keep you cool in the Summer.

Thankyou sister, please keep up the good work. And don't let people bring you down by telling you that this is not proper Hijab. XxX

Stefanie_Soumiya said...

Salamu alaikum,

I really love it to read your blog! There are not so many possibilities to find something like this in German . This is the reason, I started a block like yours in German. Thank you very much for inspiration!
Please check out:
It's just the beginning inschaAllah...

Stefanie Soumiya

Zareena said...


I am Zareena from Singapore. I have recently set up my online biz on custom-made jewelleries like brooches, rosaries & etc. Pls visit

Hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

selam to you and all sisters.
Im from germany and i have to tell you that i really like ur blog...its really great..go on!
I like that style what you show us...thanks for that...insaAllah you will "entertain" us a long time.
your sister in islam

Taya said...

Hi Jana
my name is taya and i live in paris. I'm 25 years old. I wanted to congratulate you on your blog wich visiting everyday (sorry for my bad english!) I love fashion and i wear hijab since 6 month ago. So thank you for your lovely blog ;-) Taya

Anonymous said...

Salaams! I've tried posting this comment before but I don't think I'm doing it right.
Can I please get the store or website info for the wedding gowns seen in for June? (There is a lavender gown on the left of the collage.) Thank you for your important efforts mash'allah!

Fiza said...

Salaams Sisters
Your blog is great and very inspiring, as i'm very intrested in mixing fashion with Hijab!
I would like to know where the Black mac/coat is from on the Silver Sparkle heading?

Hijabstar said...


I have to say i LOVE your blog. I found it 2day and have been sitting here for years!! I would really love it if you could do a few styles for abayas that can be worn for school. I have many simple abayas in bright colours and would love to see how i can accesorices but not over do it so it can be worn wen studying...



blessedyolie said...

AUG 08, 2008 TO JANA,


HIJAB FASHION : "Wednesday, 16 January 2008

More Egyptian Fashion


{ }


Anonymous said...

Salam aleykom

Your blog is very very interesting and helpful. I like the work you're doing. Good luck !!

Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jana said...

ad - thank you, glad I could help!

Aisha - aww jazakallah! Have done the summer outfits!

Stefanie - glad I could inspire you! Where's the blog gone though?

Zareena - will check it out inshallah.

Anon - thank you!

Taya - thank yuo for visiting! Glad you're finding the blog helpful :D

Anon - I'm not sure which one you are referring to, could you post me the link?

Fiza - thank you! It was from, but it's sold out :(

Hijabstar - thanks! Will do inshallah, keep an eye out!

Blessedyolie - the clothes featured in the magazine are all from Egyptian shops. You can probably find similar things in other abaya stores though.

Anon - thank you so much, glad your'e liking the blog. Spread the word to other hijabis too :D

ainee said...

salam hayah... nice blog... and you're a member of IFB some more? I'm impressed.

Malaysians usually wear 'tudung bawal'. You can check them out here.

Although I'm a Malaysian, but I prefer to wear shawl, compared to tudung bawal as they are pretty difficult to be worn. With shawl, I'd just twist it in less than 1 minute. LOL. Keep on blogging about hijab fashion.

nurul said...


do you mind if i request to add my onlineshop to your Islamic Clothing links?


destinyyyy said...


i love your blog !!!...really great !!....
im a medico and a hijabi... i want to ask you that i have a heart shaped can u recommmend some hijab styles for me??.... waiting for ur response..

thnkz and keep up the good work
may Allah bless you

Anonymous said...

I discovered a site which customizes skirts, dresses and tunics to the lengths you require at no additional cost. The prices are extremely affordable for custom made apparel. Why dont you check it out and pass it on to our modest fashionastas. I love your site and found it really hard to find long skirts that were of also of good quality. They are located in America. So the prices are in US dollars can you review the site and give me some inspiration on your next blog.

Sumiyyah said...

As-Salaam Alaikum Dear Sister.
Thanks so very much for your insight and expertise regarding fashion and the Muslim woman(young or old!). I truly appreciate it and encourage you to keep up the struggle and good work.

Many of us are out on the front lines in various occupations and situations and need modest clothes that are still hip, exude our particular style and fashion attitude.

Many women here in the states have developed our own style and because we are a young community, in terms of culture and heritage Islamically, we have a clean slate to develop our identity and style. Over the past 35 years I noticed a growing fashion trend in certain Muslim women sectors. Much of the design talent isn't known outside the Muslim circle. However, the fashion impact is felt in society. And actually non-Muslims want to dress like us! Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Your work is very much needed and is a valuable source of light in a sea of fahsion darkness!

Have a spiritually refreshing and blessed Ramadan.

Sumiyyah Abdur-Rasheed
SWH Apparel
Decatur, GA USA

Sarah E. said...

El Salam Aleiko,

Your blog is fabolous. Keep up the good work.
I'm Egyptian, in my twenties and I am not yet wearing Hijab. But I'm on my path to doing so InshaAllah.
I was wondering if you could spare a few pieces of advice concerning what to consider before starting to wear Hijab. And I'm also in need of like a "Wardrobe must-haves" post, for people who are shopping for Hijab for their first time ever.
And how to decide on your Hijab style, whether you're ana Abaya person for example, or not, if you know what I mean.
Any advice, tips and help on how to start off would be really appreciated.
Thanks a lot!

Best Regards,

Jana said...

Ainee, thanks :) Those scarves lok gorgeous!

Nurul, done!

Destiny, heart shaped faces work best with most styles, though avoid anything too bluky up top, so that it doesn't look unbalanced. The best thing is to try them out yourself and see!

Anon, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I only feature UK stores here. Have you ordered from them before?

Sumiyyah, jazakallah khair for your kind comments, keep visiting!

Sarah E., thank you :) Here's a good article for beginners:

This one is useful too:

Wardrobe musthaves for Spring and Winter:

Regards your style, I think the most important factor is your lifestyle. If you need to be running around, using public transport a lot and generally being active, then I don't find abayas or even skirts to be practical at all. I've nearly broken my neck climbing crowded stairs wearing a long skirt! But if you work in an office, and drive most places, then you can get away with them.

Heather Winger said...

Thank you for your blog site! I am a new convert to Islam and struggle with hijab every day. I dress modestly but feel conflicted regarding covering my hair. Part is vanity, part is unfamiliarity and part is that I live in Alaska and hike/fish/work on machines so head coverings are not always practical or safe. Your postings help me see how beautiful and varied hijab can be. Perhaps with time I will be able to embrace hijab without resentment. Thank you.

Salma said...

I came accross your site while I was searching for Islamic fashion designers. Great Job, thank you for what you did and keep going.
I'm from Sudan and even though Sudan is a muslim country but I found it very difficult to find something modern and style to wear.
Can you help me to find contacts of some designers and do you know how much does it cost to have special made designs. I realy like Reham's designs and about trousers if you are an engineer you will need to wear them.

Jazak Allah khyran.

Anonymous said...

Selam aleykum,

I seriously love your blog. I use it not only for ideas, but knowing exactly what shops have hijab friendly clothes saves me from searching high and low.

I just moved from Canada to Australia and I am desperately trying to find cottcon blend crew neck long sleeve t-shirts. Most of the sites you refer to ship in North America or Europe leaving Aus out in the cold. Perhaps one of your readers may know where I might find such t's.

Anonymous said...

First of all let me say MASHA'ALLAH I LOVE your site. I had been really struggling to reamain happy with hiab, I always felt hijab meant look blah and boring since most of the clothes available for hijabi were like that. I almost felt bad when I wanted to look cute in hijab.
But subhan'Allah your website has inspired me. To know that there are others out there who take the time to match there hijab to their outfit and wear accessories too!

So my question is...
I was wondering how I would go about buying some of the clothes that you have posted on your most recent post the one about Rihan Farouq's fashion line called Veil and Nawal Almaimani stuff too. I would like to know how much the cost and where to buy them thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Salaam Sister
Ramadan Kareem to you, i dont know how but came across your site and i am thankful to Allah that i did. I live and work in London and have always worn my hijaab with pride. I have got to a point where i was running out of ideas for clothing for work. I loved Rabias fashion and was wondering if you could point me to where i can purchase her garments.

JazkhALLAH Khair..

Lebaas said...


Just a note to let you know that we at Lebaas have just releaed some new Abaya and Jilbaaz designs specially for Eid.
Plese visit us at



Anonymous said...


just thought i would send u a link of a great cardigan wrap i bought from ebay a few days ago, its lightweight n fantastic to wear or short sleeve tops or dessses, comes in a few colours, i will be wearign mine over a saree this weekend so that my arms are not on display !!!

Jana said...

Heather, I hope it becomes easier for you :)

Salma, I have no idea about any Sudanese designers, sorry! As for Reham Farouq's designs, she doesn' have a website so I'm guessing the only place to buy is from Egypt.

Anon from Australia, so you guys have H&M down there? TBH you can find them inmost clothing stores.

Anon 2, thanks! This is Nawal al-maimani's website:

Anon 3, Rabia Z's website is yet to be launched, but I'll let everyone know when it does!

Lebaas, thanks for the headsup!

ModestDivas, it's sold out so I can't see it, but I'm sure it's very nice :D

Assy said...

Assalam Aleykum Sister

I just wanted to Thank you for your blog. You have no idea how you saved my day and my future. I am a Muslimah but I am not wearing the hijab. I have been considering wearing it the past weeks and I am covering myself with a head scarf but not as it is recommended. The truth is I am scared of how people will see me after I start wearing the hijab. Moreover, I love fashion so much that I thought that wearing the hijab meant not being fashionable. But you have just showed me that you could do both. Once again thank you a hundred times. May ALLAH bless you and your blog. Keep up the good work.
Ps: I have a blog called Ode to fashion at blogspot. I will write about my process of wearing the hijab. Can I mention your blog in it because I find it so inspirational?

Jana said...

Assy, thank you very much for your comments! I'm so glad you've found the blog useful :) And of course you can mention Hijab Style in any of your posts.

Anonymous said...

salam, mashallah ur blog is a great idea and hamdila as i'v read from all the comments its a had a positive impact on everytone whos came across it, keep up the good work :) I noticed that some of the sisters were asking about a white bridal gown or abaya to wear casualy, i would like to advise you to visit Ferida Fashions who have newly opened in Harrow Road, london W9 3NA, unfortunatly they dont have a website however i remeber seeing a white gown in the style of a jilbab in excellent quality (turkish) even suitable for over a bridal dress if too revealing.
best regards

Anonymous said...

asalaamu alykum,

mashallah, this site is wonderful! i was looking for abaya/jilbab inspiration for my own designs and tried to get some of the recent saudi/arab fashion/catwalk show but i couldn't get many pictures until i stumbled on your site. Mashallah there are loadsa good useful stuff and tips on here!
Alhamdulila, i am a revert muslim of nearly 3 years graduated in fashion and contour design. i reverted after i graduated and didn't know which way to take my career after islam as i didn't want to design haraam. alhamdulila i design and make my own jilbabs now.... :D
keep up the good work anyway and i will inform my sisters of this site!( i was supposd to be in bed ages ago!ha Jazakallahu khiron)

muslimah gray

Anonymous said...

hye dear jana, ur blog inspires us a lots. I've create my own wish list. Hope u can drop by and write some words =)

lurve from malaysia

Anonymous said...

Asalamu alaikum,

Love the blog! I am in US and wish that we had a blog similar to yours here. I LOVE the street style that you featured. I am a revert who is considering putting hijab soon, but I sort of don't know where to start. Thanks for the guidance! JazakAllah khair

Celeste said...

As Salaam Alaikum!

I love you site! I think you would like another sister that designs...check out her site.


Anonymous said...


i absolutely love your blog!!keep it up :) i dont wear a hijab yet but insha allah im intending on starting somtime soon. just dont know where to start though your blog is an inspiration in itself :) im defintly passing this site onto my friends!!thanx sister


Mona said...


I love your blog and since it's one of the the most influential hijab blogs, I thought I'd ask you if you could do a post on my brother's new clothing site, InshaAllah when you get a chance...Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad that I stumbled across your blog. I've found some really useful things and ideas-it isn't always easy being a 15 year old muhagaba in a london school when fashions for girls my age tend to be a bit on the skimpy side. At the moment I'm designing my own prom dress which is a real challenge and joy. Some of the ideas that I've seen on your blog (especially those turkish bridal dresses) have really helped inspire me.

Anonymous said...

Im not Muslim but I do have some middle eastern heritage. I wear hijab in various forms ( some times i cover all my hair , sometimes i wear it looser with my finge showing )

I really love the styles you post here and I think women of all religions could wear them as modesty is in all religions.

The only problem I have is how to keep hijabs on ! I have western hair so I find that unless I wear at least one underscarfe and a hair band they slip all over the place !

its ok in winter but in summer it gets quite hot !

It would be great if you could do some posts about ways to keep hijabs from slipping around - especially for those of us blessed with slippery hair !

Many thanks,


Anna. said...

as salaam alaikum
maashallah this site is a great resource!!!

would you please take a look at our site
and see what we can do to make a link

the web site needs updating which we are in the process of doing, sheikh hamza yusef asked to interview karimah bint daoud who is one of our artists designers and she is one of the featured artist in pater sander exhibtion "the art of integration".

karimah's designs are used by international fashion students as sources of inpsration for style and colour stories and her colection is currently on tour around the uk as part of "moroccan memories in britain exhibtion"
barak allah feek look forward to hearing from you

karamah arts

Khadija said...

Im From Uk and im 15 and iv just started wearing a Hijab
I wasnt sure at first if i wanted to wear one ,because i thought you would have to wear boring things and I Thought i would miss out on all the fashion ..
This Is just an amzing Website shows you what hijab goes with what I love it !
Great Help and Now i defiently know im confident in wearing a Hijab and im very Grateful :)

Ad i would Just Thinking if you could make a blog for a whole outfit under maybe say £20 if that would be possible ...Lol

Anyway this blog is an amizing blog and im recommending it to all my freinds wearing Hijabs :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jana. I'm not a Muslima, but travel as a business woman in Iran and try to be respectful by dressing appropriately. My first trip was a fashion failure as I just couldn't find out much about what to wear before going and I'm sure I stood out like a sore thumb. Thanks to your site and the many wonderful links I feel much more confident.

Thea Seattle WA

Manal Edmonton, AB said...


I look forward to your blog every night its part of my 'online routine!'. I love your ability to match outfits that are both modest and fashion forward. I especially love your special occasion suggestions as I am always at a loss for events such as semi formal events!!!

I also have a short list of stores that I have compiled from your blog whenever I visit London inshallah...

Keep up the good work, love it!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jana
I am so glad I stumbled upon your website! I am learning a lot about your culture and religion!

I am a non-muslim doing research for a movie in los angeles. I was wondering if you or anyone you know know anything about early 1990s Kuwaiti wedding rings . People I know here are only familiar with the modern ones. Any visuals will be helpful.

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Salams Jana

I find your blog really interesting and you deserve real credit for it because its the perfect Muslim Female Fashion Magazine! I would go as far as to say that I would rather read your blog then any other fashion magazine!
Thank you for all your effort and may Allah grant you mercy, blessings and paradise for all your effort that you have put in this.

ak said...

Salamu aleikum,
I am the marketing manager of the online Islamic clothing shop located in Saudi Arabia. I hope that this email meets you in a good state.
I would like to ask you if you are offering email marketing services using your members email database. We would like to send an email with a link directed to a survey for a market research. Of course you would be the one who broadcast this mailing.
In case you are offering this service, please forward me details of your offer and also about other marketing services you are also offering.
Jasakum Allah Khair.

Abdel Karim
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Marketing Manager -
Phone: +966 22274303 Ext (101)
Cell Phone: +966 533431910

Lebaas said...


Just to give you an update, Lebaas ( have just re-launched a redesigned website with a fantastic new collection of Islamic clothing. We are especially proud to introduce Dubai style original swarovski crystal Jilbabs and Abayas made of high quality Japanese silk and satin materials. Ofcourse we also have a wide range of wears for every occasion, spicifically weddings, Eid and functions.

Please note that we offer worldwide shipping and a custom made-to-order (bespoke) design/tailoring service.

Was salaam


Anonymous said...

You have an amazing blog and those maxi dresses have been a life saviour...i adore them.
i was wondering when you were going to let us know about the modest AW09 must haves! i like the long trench coats and macs but havent seen anything else thats caught my interest...any advice?
keep all the good work up! XD
x x x x

Anonymous said...

salam to you, I'm from Germany but i'm turkish. Your web site is really helpful and has inspired me. But I'd like to mention another hijab brand called AKER. the brand is really popular in Turkey like ARMINE. if you want to visit the web site:
they've got an online shop too (there you can find the brands AKER, ARANCIA and PIERRE CARDIN.
Well, that's it.and keep all the good work!

Asia said...

Salaam Sister,
Great blog. I have visited it many times and just saw the post about the spanish styles hijabs. I see that many sisters had concerns about the neck not being covered with these hijabs and we have the perfect solution. We have worked with a manufacturer to make these hijabs as two piece al amira hijabs. Please check out our website at and if possible add us to your islamic clothing links. Thanks!

ruru said...

This blog is really cool because I'm a hijabi and love shopping and clothes and alot of muslims don't understand that so it's nice to have a bunch of people to share it with. Keep up the good work. Also i read on your blog you held a competition in the summer for people to share their outfits is there any recent ones or will you be doing any? Take care xxxx

jana said...

Asalam alaykum Jana, my name is Jana too, i am acctually revert to islam and i am wearing hijab, i really love ur blog, i have finished my medical studies and i am now doctor in the UK, Manchester.I was wondering where are u from and if u are revert as well I am originally from Slovakia.

Anonymous said...

salaam alykoum,

I would like to order a abaya,but i'm from Belgium.

Is this posibble?

And how much is £79.99 in euro's?

Anonymous said...

Salam To you... I'm from Belgium and I find your blog realy interesting. I'm going to wear the hijab in the very near weeks and I'm realy excited about that. I'm just a bit scared about my job. I'm Admin manager and here in Brussels it's very difficult but not impossible to be accepted with our hijab in the labour market...

Many thanks for all the advices we find in your blog !!!


Islamic Clothing said...

Asalam alaykum, I am a visitor from australia.....this is one of the best Hijab blog on internet which I have ever seen....good work...!

Islamic Clothing said...

This is a great blog, people keep the good work. Has anyone heard of Modesty Designs, They sell modest Islamic Clothing, its definetly worth seeing the Hijab and dresses on this site.


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