Sunday, 30 December 2007

Double Shayla Wrap

This hijab wrap uses two shayla scarves wrapped around each other. A nice touch is to use a patterned scarf and a plain one in complementary colours:


Anonymous said...

hey Hayah,
that looks great, plz give some commentary so that i can follow it?
there are also some styles i have seen on the net, can you show those?
many thanks :)

Hayah said...

Hi Naveen,

This style is fairly easy. Place the first shayla on your head, with one side longer than the other, and pin underneath your chin. Place the second shayla on top of the first, leaving some of the first showing. Again, one side should be longer than the other, the same as the 1st.

Then take the long end of the first shayla, and wrap it around you head, and pin it (step 4). Then take the long end of the 2nd shayla and do the same. Pin both securely, and that's it!


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