Sunday, 30 December 2007

Out on the Town

This outfit would be great for a day out shopping with the girls:

Scarf £7; Aziza Collections, scarlet knitted dress £35; Miss Selfridge, wide leg jeans £30; Dorothy Perkins, black long sleeve top £7; Dorothy Perkins, shoes £20; Barratts.


meryem said...

i really love this "fashion-boxes" you make!
it's really nice, and i like your style! I only wish, i could afford all those lovely clothes ;)))

Hayah said...

Thanks Meryem!!

Would you like it if I did more budget friendly outfits? Believe it or not, since I'm a student, I tend to buy most of my clothes in the sales lol, so even though I put these outfits up, I don't actually buy them :P

meryem said...

no you don't have to do that !
even thought i can't buy them, it's still nice to look at it and get inspired ...
sometimes you can find some "new" items waaay back in your own closet ;)

Hayah said...

I wouldn't mind doing it lol! Yeah I know what you mean.. you go through your warderobe and find things you haven't worn for years which still look great!
Btw are you a UK sister?

meryem said...

no I'm not ... actually I'm living in Austria (vienna). but you can get all those things here as well :))

Hayah said...

Wow Austria, very nice :)


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