Sunday, 30 December 2007

Bridal Hijabs

If you intend on having a mixed wedding reception or engagement party, then you'll need to think about what to do about your hijab. Here are some beautiful ideas:

Turkish bridal hijabs:

I personally love the Malay style. What they do is use a square hijab in a nice material like satin or chiffon. They then fold it into a triangle, pin under the chin, then tie the ends behind the neck. Then a veil which is decorated with beads, sequins and embroidery is draped on top of the head, and pinned at the sides of the face. This lady also has a tiara on top:

A Yahoo image search for wedding hijab will bring up hundreds more Malay style pictures from Stunning!


da devoter said...

hi! I love your website.. i really enjoyed looking and reading them.. I am actually from malaysia.. and am malay myself.. our style of wearing hijab is also a bit different than yours.. but which ever it is.. all is beautiful.. love it!

aniz said...

Hi! Just a tip. If you want to search for malay hijab styles, type "tudung". It's what we call hijab in Malaysia.

cantikitukamu said...

haha.. thanks for loving malaysian's style..


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