Thursday, 22 November 2007

Two Scarves

Here is a nice way of wrapping two hijabs together. I would personally pull the first one down more over the ears to make sure they are properly covered. It's also best to use a thin material, otherwise they will be difficult to wrap:


Anonymous said...

mashallah! I love you blog...we have a real lack of fashion advice for muslimahs so it is really refreshing to have someone who is giving good advice on how to look modest yet stylish! Thank you sister!

Hayah said...

Thanks for your comments! Hope you visit regularly!

Anonymous said...

salam is this from a magazine or show where can i find it?

Hayah said...


These pictures I believe are from an Egyptian hijab model called 'Nanees'. I don't know if they are printed in any particular magazine, but there are loads of pictures of her floating around the internet.

Anonymous said...

dear muslim sisters,
Salam Alaikum
pls visit the website for the famous Turkish Muslim women dress designer: "Tekbir", the leading seller of such products in the world. The site URL is
Thank you for your great information and May Allah bless you and us all with His Mercy in this world and the Akhirah.
Salam Alaikum

Hayah said...

Thanks for the link anon! It reminded me I need to do a post about Turkish fashion soon inshallah :)

Anonymous said...


Would it be possible to have the step by step version of thid Hijab how to?!?!?! as i believe the pix r a bit vague.
It'll be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so mcuh


Hayah said...

Salaam Anon,

Here you go:

1. Tie hair back in a bun, and put on a bonnet cap on your head to hold your hair back, then place the first scarf on your head, one side shorter than the other.

2. Tie it behind the neck, towards one side of your head, and wrap the shorter end around your bun

3. Get the second scarf (patterned) and place on head, leaving some of the first scarf showing.

4. Tie the second scarf behind the neck, like the first one, making sure it is secure.

5. Take the end of the second scarf and wrap around the neck and up over your bun, and around to the other side (as in pic 5), then secure with a pin at the side of the head.

6. Take the end of the first scarf (dark purple) and bring it up to the same side of the head, and scrunch up into a flower shape and secure with pins.

Anonymous said...

I love it!

I'm gonna practice it at home, to see if I get it done right.

I'm gonna have difficulties with the flower shape at the end, though.

Anonymous said...

I think I know Nanees, she was one of my favorite friends on Paltalk. Barbita is that you?? Her nickname was something like barbie. Love you sis.

Anonymous said...

i want to wear my hijab like this but its kinda difficult for me to do is their anywhere else i could see or a vedio..or is it on youtube


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