Saturday, 24 November 2007

Hijab Wrap

This style uses only one scarf, but a bonnet cap/underscarf should be worn to hold hair in place and stop the hijab from slipping. Also, you need to be wearing a high-neck top, or else adapt the style to make sure your neck is covered:


ammena said...

hmm.. I cant see how she gets through the last few stages.. I dont think I would be comfortable wearing this style, but looks nice masha'allah

Hayah said...

What she does is wrap the shorter end around her bun (step 3) and secures it (steps 4 and 5), and then the longer end she simply wraps around her neck, and leaves it to hang over her shoulder.

~*~ Aspiring Vampire ~*~ said...

Hi. I don't know where I could post this question, so I'll put it here.
Are all scarf wraps named 'hijabs'? If not, what is the style of wrap that the scarf is done similarly to a chignon hairstyle? Help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Hayah said...


The word 'hijab' Islamically doesn't actually refer to only the headscarf - it means the whole of a Muslim women's dress and behaviour code. But most people these days when they say 'hijab' tend to mean a headscarf - in any style.

Anonymous said...

it is really nice and formal but i could not understand it fully


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