Sunday, 14 October 2007

Cosy Cardigan

Wrap up on cold days with a long, chunky cardigan:

Cardigan £30, jeans £20; both Dorothy Perkins, hijab £8.95; The Hijab Shop, applique top £25; Debenhams, bag £15; Miss Selfridge


Anonymous said...

Salam Aleikom, Thank you so much for this fantastic guide. I'm also a student but have never worn higab and would really really like to start but still have to find the courage. I also need to start becoming more observant. I was brought up very strictly but since I left home things have started to slip. If you could help me in achieving this goal I would be so grateful

Hayah said...

Salam sis! Thanks for your comment! Inshallah I'll do what I can to help you.. hopefully the pictures will have convinced you that you can still look great whilst wearing hijab so that shouldn't be an issue! Anything in particular I can do for you?

Anonymous said...

If you could just give me some kind of advice on taking the first steps. Is there any way that one can ease into this gradually? Thanks

Hayah said...


The best thing is to take things slowly.. step by step.. with regards to hijab.. you could start off by saying to yourself I will always cover my legs (you may do that already?), then move on to covering all of your arms, then looser clothing, etc. Talk to your close friends and family. tell them that you are considering hijab, what do they think? Approach other hijabis and talk to them too!

With regards to becoming more observant, the first and most important thing is salah. Make every effort to always pray on time. Hopefully you have a prayer room at your uni? Also, start to read Quran daily, even if it is just one page, then gradually increase. You can also download Quran to listen to on your ipod.

I hope this has helped you! Let me know how you get on :)

Amira said...

Hi Hayah,

Thanks for the advice. I have always been well covered so that is not the problem. It is more taking that final step.
Alhamdullilah I have started to pray regularly again but your advice regarding the Koran is great so inshallah I will try and read a page or so before I go to bed each night.
It's just taking that final step...I think I will set myself a deadline of new year. But how about you? What was your first experience like? Do yo feel that people treat you any differently?

Many Thanks


Hayah said...

Salam Amira,

Mashallah I'm so glad to hear that you are praying regularly! That really is fantastic! Personally, I went to an Islamic primary school, so we had to wear hijab during the day, but I only started wearing it full-time when I was about 13. I had no problems with it all alhamdulilah! I was worried that people on the street would call me names, etc. but I haven't experienced anything bad so far. Although you do notice that other hijabis say salam to you in the street which is really sweet :)

Working towards a deadline is good, but don't beat yourself up about it if you feel you can't wear it by that time.. remember to always pray to Allah to help you and inshallah you can do it!

Are there many girls that wear hijab at your uni? Perhaps you could also start by telling your friends that you intend to start wearing it. This way you'll have a good support group around you when the time comes :)

Best of luck!

Amira said...

Thanks Hayah. I'm feeling more and more confiedent about taking the decision and inshallah it should be quite soon.

Thanks so much for your encouragement and advice!

Hayah said...

You're welcome! Let me know how you get on inshallah!

Anonymous said...

Mashallah sister the courage is truly in your heart. Trust me it's down there. I am also a muslim sister who wears the hijab and I love it. Inshallah you start soon, because you never know when the end is here! Allah is with you! Peace-<


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