Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Casual Outfit

This is my usual uni style; long tunic top over jeans with long sleeved tee underneath. I also tend to wear a bonnet cap underneath the hijab to match the colour of the top :)

Dress £10; Peacocks, white long sleeve tee £7, jeans £20; both Dorothy Perkins, hijab £6.95; The Hijab Shop, silver shoes £25; Faith.


Tassy Ali said...

good job with the blog!
your mix and matching sense is exceptional. one thing though, I cant get to see the way the sarf is tied. for example in this picture. If i were to want to wear a scarf as such, i wouldnt know how.
It probably would be a good idea, if you could, some how, either explain or show, how to tie the hijab in a fashionable way.
keep up the good work.

Jana said...

Tassy, I've posted guides to over 40 styles, click on the 'how to wear hijab' label to see them:

Tassy Ali said...

Silly me, i missed that. Thanks alot.


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